SPEA 4060S2飞针测试机是一款6针双面卧式飞针测试系统,主要针对电子元器件的值,电气特性等做电性测试;提供电压源和电流源用于待测元件,再通过量测单元量测计算和显示元件的值及电气特性是否正常;高机械速度,单面或双面探测,极高的精度,自动板加载,软着陆和探针测试行程可编程等特点;广泛应用于服务器、汽车电子、半导体领域硅基板线路测试、电路板CPU底座和高密度连接器测试等领域。

Multi-Mode Dual side probing,parallet test

-多模式双面植针(4 top,2 bottom),完全的并行测试

Large boards testing:1524*610mm(60*24")


Inline/Automatic/Manual board loading


Micro-SMD&flexible circuit probing


Fast and accurate probing,on the smallest components


Better repeatability


Better Measurement Accuracy


Faster&automatic debug&tuning


User-friendly intuitive graphical interface


Control software to monitor、analyze&optimize the production process


DC Voltage0V   to 50V(0-100V optional)
DC Current0   to 100mA
Resistance1mΩ   to 1GΩ
Inductance1μH   to 1H
Capacitance0.5pF   to 1F
Frequency100   KHz
Forward voltage of PN junction0V   to 50V
Zener voltage0V   to 50V
Diodes/Transistors/FETsForward   voltage of PN junction,
    ON/OFF test
Relays/Opto couplers/SW devicesON/OFF   test
Open fault detection of IC leadsForward   voltage measure of PN junction
Nodal Impedance TestOptional
Open Pin ScanOptional
Power On TestOptional
Functional TestOptional
On Board ProgrammingOptional
Boundary ScanOptional
Hi-Res Color Optical TestOptional
2D Code ReadingOptional
Optical Character RecognitionOptional
Led Color&Intensity TestOptional
3D Laser TestOptional
Positioning resolution of flying probesXY:0.0012μm;Z:0.005μm
Positioning repeatability of flying probe ( X/Y axis )±10um
Minimum pad size for flying probes80μm
Minimum pad pitch for flying probesDepending   on probe
Flying Probes4   top + 2 bottom
CCD Colour Cameras2   top + 2 bottom
Multi-function Probes
4   top + 2 bottom
Probe impact forceProgrammable
Warpage compensationOptional
Max Test Area(LxW)686x610mm   top;500x400mm bot
Max Board Size(LxW)1524x610mm(in-line)
Max Board ThicknessUp   to 14mm(in-line)
    Up to 4.8mm(manual)
Max Component Height55mm(110mm   optional)
Max PCBA Weight10kg
Panel Edge3mm
Maximum PCB Warpage Compensation±2mm
Environmental temperture rage15°C   ~ 32°C
Humidity≥20%   ~ ≤70%
Input voltage range-single phase230Vac+/-10%
Input frequency range50   ~ 60Hz
Motors system for flying probes (XYZ axes)High   speed linear motor
Body main dimensions(L x W x H)1750x1272x1724mm
    (manual system)
    (in-line system)

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