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作为业内备受赞誉的Keysight i3070电路测试设备,已经行销超过40年,总数超过10,000台的安装量,是市场上绝对的市占率第一的产品







BT-Basic DLL Integration


Power Monitoring Circuit


Fixture Power Supply


DC test method for large capacitor testing

-DC测试模式测试大电容(1000uF to 30mF)

GUI Ease of use






IEEE1149.1,1149.6 Standard Boundary Scan Testing


ItemKeysight   i3070S6
Maximum   channels1152
Maximum nodes5184
Pin CardHybridPlus double   density
Driver/Receiver   Mux ratio9:2 multiplexing
Vector   application rate6MPs,12MPs,20MPs
Logic level-3.5V to 5V(Per   Digital Channel pin programmable)
Logic   thresholdDual threshold
Slew rate25V/us to 275V/us
Digital   driver/receiver offset-30n to 100n
Operating   systemwindows 10
Test   generation toolsetBoard   Consultant/fixture consultant/test consultant
Board/fixture   graphics displayBoard   Consultant/fixture consultant/test consultant
Circuit   analysisAutomatic(IPG)with   Monte carlo Simulation
Probe pin   locatorInteractive probe/pin   locator with guided probed
Runtime yield   displayReal time FPY(First   Pass Yield) display at runtime
Probe/fixture   maintenance toolsWorse probe   reporting(Reports real time fixture probe number that fails frequently)
Analog   unpowered debug interfaceGraphical user   interface in spread sheet format
Digital/Analog   powered debug interfacePush-button Debug
AutoDebugAutoDebug   on Analog unpowered tests, Testjet and VTEP v2.0
    (VTEP, iVTEP and NPM)
Modular   construction for flexibility/scalability(1 to 4) Standard
Dual-well   construction for maximum throughputStandard
Failure   message printerYes
Vacuum   solenoidsBuilt-in standard
Analog   unpowered measurement2,4,6 wire   measurement
Backdriving   current750mA
Backdriving   test program setupAutomatic by logic   family
Overvoltage   protectionYes
Capacitor   discharge protectionYes
Arbitrary   waveform generatorYes
Fixture types   supportedShort   wire,NoWire,Long wire
Temperature   compensationAutoAdjust@Every 5 degrees celsius   temperature drift/1000Hrs
Open/short   testingAutomatic IPG
Analog testingYes
Vector   programmingVCL and PCF
Vectorless   testingVTEP V2.0 and TestJet
Disabling   analysisAutomatic(IPG)
Digital test   pattern generatorYes
Frequency   measurement60Mhz(Beyond 60Mhz   measurement possible using fixure electronics solution)
Multilevel   disable(digital isolation)Yes
High-voltage   testing capability100V
Low-voltage   testing capabilityNo limit
Number of   analog guarding pointsUnlimited
Worst probe   reportYes
First pass   yield reportYes
Component-level   coverage reportYes
Limited access   toolsYes
Flash 70   device programmingYes
Polarity check   softwareYes
ICT Boundary   ScanYes
PanelTest for   panelized PCBASYes
No-wire   fixture development softwareYes
Multiple board   versions softwareYes
Dual-well   sharingYes
Throughput   multiplierYes
SPC quality   toolPush-button Q-stats

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